About Us


BH Protech is a company dedicated to the betterment of audio system performance through the comprehensive training of staff, through consultation in the areas of system design and upgrade, and by providing professional installation of audio equipment.

Education and Training:

With over 4 decades of combined experience in the fields of sound equipment sales, professional sound reinforcement system design and installation, and electronic service, founders Dave Barnes and Jesse Hillis have created BH Protech as a way to bring the knowledge they have of the industry to churches, schools, civic organizations or most any other non for profit organization which typically use volunteer sound system operators.   


About Dave and Jesse:

dave-profile-2Dave Barnes has been involved in church music and sound for 30 years in various capacities: Sound system operator, worship leader, contemporary christian musician.  He has been and continues to be professionally employed in the areas of sound system sales, design, installation, and service for 24 years. Dave enjoys hiking and visiting civil war historical sites.



jesse-profileJesse Hillis earned his degree in advanced electronics at 19 and has worked in the industry ever since. Most of his career has been in either the precision calibration and testing, or the professional audio/video field. The latter for the past 13 years. He is an experienced technician excelling in systems design, installation, repair and training. Jesse enjoys hiking with his family and making pottery in his cermics studio.


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