Retail Dealership Partners

BH Protech’s retail dealer partnership program was created as a way for local music retailers who may not have the ability to install their own audio/video systems to still compete in the market as well as maintaining their relationships with local clients.

Having come from a retail background, BH Protech understands the complications of running an installation department. Most average sized dealers do not have access to trained installation technicians. There are plenty of qualified sound technicians working the sales floors of these dealerships. Unfortunately, being an expert in sound equipment does not make you an installation technician. Furthermore, being a sound technician does not necessarily mean that you can CAD a venue, spec a system to code, determine proper loudspeaker placement and many other things associated with audio system design. Qualified installers are hard to find and most average sized dealers simply don’t have room in their staff for employees that only go out every few weeks to install a system. In addition to payroll concerns, dealerships must maintain liability insurance, comply with OSHA training requirements, and supply all the necessary tools and equipment needed to install a system. In most cases this simply isn’t an option.

So, what is a dealer to do when his loyal customers need an audio or video system designed or installed?  Contact BH Protech and become a dealer partner. We will become an invisible partner with your dealership. As our part of this partnership, we will help with design and bidding, perform a timely installation that is both neat and to code. We will perform a detailed test of all system wiring and equipment with your on staff audio engineer at the end of the installation and provide test records for you and your client. Throughout the process, we will remain discretely quiet and operate as a subcontractor. It will remain your client, your installation, your relationship.

If you would like to get your share of the installation market and keep your clients both happy and impressed, please contact us at for more information. We would love to help you to be more profitable and more reputable in your market.

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