Service Description

Starting $149.00 per year. Your BH Protech maintenance agreement will keep your organization’s sound system working properly. With your maintenance plan, you will receive the following services:

A free system evaluation to determine the system’s performance.

We will check all system equipment, cables, and connectors.
We will check your system’s calibration and adjust to proper setting. We will document your system’s connection and room for expansion.
We will note the types of equipment you are running to ensure seamless implementation of new equipment in the future.
We will offer training if your staff requires it.

Scheduled system cleaning, calibration, and maintenance every 6 months.

We will service your sound system every one a year.
On each visit we will clean and lubricate your system’s input connectors, mixer faders, cooling fans, etc.
We will check the system settings and make any necessary adjustments
We will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve any issues

Yearly plans for small organizations start out at $149 a year.


We will evaluate your system(s) and give you a quote for your specific organization. Please send inquiries’ to or call us at 877-333-9654